Lisa Birnesser, LMBT

NC #18244
Massage Therapy

Asheville massage therapist Lisa Birnesser has been helping people overcome pain, stress and injury for more than seventeen years. In her over 35-year occupational therapy career, she’s held a variety of positions as an occupational therapist, therapy supervisor, and therapy instructor. She has experience in geriatric care and has practiced in home and outpatient as well as clinical settings.

In her massage practice, Lisa draws from expertise in a wide variety of therapeutic techniques to focus on your individual needs.

She is certified in Myofascial Integration Structural Technique (a deep tissue technique) and has attended multiple workshops in craniosacral therapy, both as a student and as a teaching assistant.

Lisa specializes in the soft tissue treatment of back, neck and shoulder pain. She also specializes in headache relief and temporomandibular joint dysfunction soft tissue work.

Lisa also has long experience in pregnancy massage. She is certified in prenatal, post-partum and fertility massages.

In addition, Lisa is a certified Positive Psychology Master Coach, specializing in stress relief, habits, meditation and mindfulness coaching.

Lisa received a Bachelor of Science in occupational therapy from the University of Kansas. She graduated from the Center of Rehabilitation Education massage program in Knoxville. Tennessee,